Which is the reason? Banks are heavily regulated, and gold held there can be confiscated by the State. Asset freezes and confiscations in a financial panic can and has occurred around the world. Your chances of surviving a voracious government and banking system, created to help the banks and officials, is private storage of your precious metals. Banks that fail can leave your claim to gold held there tied up in court or your gold can be the subject of a “bail in” as it was in Cyprus. Your gold can be considered an unsecured asset that can be used to recapitalize the bank. Private storage is not subject to these banking problems.


can provide you with all the assistance you need to purchase and take delivery of gold and silver. Our staff will explain the ease with which you can own the precious metals and we will make the process simple and convenient. Our sources are only the highest and most respected suppliers of precious metals from Switzerland, Germany, and Australia.

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We provide gold and silver which has been assayed as pure and has been given unique serial numbers to assure traceability to the production process, assuring the buyer he or she is getting only pure, unalerted gold or silver. We can assure safe delivery to your place of designation, physically hand it to you or provide you with storage at our allied facility, Atlas International Vault and Safety Deposit Boxes. The choice is yours, but we help it become easy.

We sell only physical gold and silver and in forms that are best to acquire. You can find them as: